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Amada Oceania has been a 100% subsidiary of Amada Holdings since 1998.

Seventeen years on…

We now have an established team delivering a range of services, including machine maintenance and services, software support and a new addition to meet the current climate of the industry, consultant engineers, specialising in application based solutions for varying industries.


One of our company mantra’ has been to closely work alongside our customers. This allows us the opportunity to continually assess the level of service we offer and provide the highest standard of service, resulting in minimal downtime and customer satisfaction. As stated we offer a range of services across different departments and are continually Expanding and tailoring to your needs.


Currently dedicated departments cover service, software, application, sales, parts and tooling.

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Technical Service

Amada Oceania currently has a large technical support network, strategically located across Australia for prompt service.

A team of 9 engineers across Australia exists, with an additional 4 members available for added support. Exceptional service and customer satisfaction are listed amongst the companies mantra and service strategy. We employ a decentralised approach to service in order to ensure our service engineers are able to be on site in the shortest possible time. We understand downtime is costly.


Our staff have the highest standards of training and support to ensure that any down time is minimal. A new intuitive service management system (Seratec) has been implemented to ensure prompt and reliable service. Should you require a service engineer please contact head office on (02) 8887 1100.

Service Contracts

Amada Oceania offers comprehensive Service Contract Agreements that provide the ideal platform to minimise ongoing costs of machine ownership.

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The agreements cover a number of facets to ensure there are no surprises along the lifetime of the machine. By providing such maintenance plans we are being transparent and highly competitive, and allowing you to reclaim control of the equipments “Whole Life Cost”.


Included within the agreements are:


  • Preventative Maintenance – keeping unforeseeable downtime to a minimum
  • 24Hr response time guarantee – should downtime occur, rest assured it will be minimal
  • Discount on parts – a special bonus for customers entered into an agreement
  • Work and travel costs for engineers 
  • For more details click here for a pdf copy of the T&C’s


with our customers

Software Support

Amada Software Solutions have been developed on the praecipe of increased customer productivity through the combined development with Amada Sheet Metal Machines. They offer virtual prototyping and simulation services and as such it is vital to have the support there when you need it. Amada Oceania provides software support via the TeamViewer service, which is a intuitive, fast and secure application allowing real-time support.


Services offered through TeamViewer are for the following situations:


  • Quick help with questions & problems
  • Software support via remote control
  • Training via remote control
  • Installations via remote access
software support
team view

Parts & Tooling

Amada carries a wide stock of replacement parts for our current and preceding machine range.

Amada’s highly efficient Parts Department provides a range of services and products to ensure the effective running and upkeep of your machines. 

If we don’t have the part we have access to European and Worldwide stock ensuring prompt replacement of faulty parts,  reducing machine downtime.

Amada School

The Amada School is located at the Solution Centre in Sydney, however a satellite school also exists in the Melbourne Technical Centre.


The schools allow operators and programmers to be educated about the possibilities available from the Amada solution they are working with. Whether you would like just a basic beginner’s course or a more advanced course, the options are available. Should those wanting the training be unable to attend the schools, the same curriculum can be used for onsite training within ones factory.


Optimal training program

Generally we recommend the following training structure to work with your AMADA machine optimally:

Operator and Programmer

Our competent trainers teach in small groups in-depth knowledge, where practical goes with theory. Modern training rooms are present at both centres and machines within the showroom are also available for training purposes. To see what is currently in the showroom click here.

Our goal is your success within your production requirements!